Oil filter locations on new cars

Place chucks behind the wheels for safety. Put on your safety glasses and gloves. Loosen the plug with a socket wrench. While unscrewing it, push the plug back toward the pan to keep oil from rushing out until you are ready to remove the plug from the hole.

Be careful—that oil may be hot! Removing it makes the draining process faster because air can enter from the top. After the plug is hand-tight, secure it with a wrench.

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Never over-tighten the drain plug. Position the oil pan under the old filter, then be very careful as you use your oil filter wrench to remove the filter.

Basil How-To’s: How to Do an Oil Change

Use a rag to clean the mounting surface on the engine, and make sure the gasket from the old filter is not stuck to it. Check to make sure the seal is properly seated in the filter, then screw on the filter by hand.

Make sure to use a clean funnel, and pour in the amount and type of oil specified for your vehicle. After you run the engine for a few minutes, check the area around the oil drain plug and the filter for leaks. If you see a leak, cut off the engine and correct it.

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How to Avoid Oil Change Ripoffs and Upsells

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Schedule Service. Lift car using the proper jack points. Remove these screws and keep them in a safe place. Once the underside of the engine is exposed, locate your oil pan drain plug. Slowly remove the plug.

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Once the plug is fully removed the oil will drain out. Once all of the oil is gone, locate your oil filter. Using an oil filter wrench, loosen the filter.

1. Regular Oil Changes Keep You Engine Clean

Once the seal is broken you should be able to remove it by hand. Use caution as more oil may release as the filter is removed.

5 Things to Know About Oil Changes for Your Car - Consumer Reports

Grab your new filter, and use some of the old oil to lubricate the new filter. By doing this, it allows for it to come off easier when performing the next oil change. Now that the work on the underside is done, you can fasten the belly pan back onto the car. Lower your car from the jacks, and get the new oil ready.