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He lived in Pennsylvania nineteen years after his marriage, and then went to what was called the "backwoods" in Virginia. In one year he returned to Pennsylvania. In he went to Bracken County, Ky. He then went to Ohio, and lived there until the latter part of November, During the war of he kept ferry at the mouth of Bull Skin, forty miles above Cincinnati, in Clermont County. He came to this township in the fall of He entered for his son Joshua one hundred and sixty acres of land just northwest of the mouth of Mud Creek.

He lived on that farm until his death, in October, , at the age of sixty-nine years. He laid out and set apart the first graveyard in the township.

He was a Methodist nearly all his life, and was a moral and strictly honest man. Circuit preaching was held at his house for years, and ministers were always welcome at his abode; in fact, no person ever failed to receive hospitable treatment at his hands. He was a class-leader in the church and a true Christian. The first sermon ever delivered in the township was at his cabin.

His wife lived nearly forty years after his death, and died in Clinton County, Ill. She also was a consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church from childhood.

Descendants of Chesley DAVIS

The number of their children was ten, two of whom never came into this county, and but three are now living. Margaret lived here twenty years, married, went to Missouri, and died, aged eighty-two. Polly married James Giles. Died about Katie lived in this county forty years; married James Gittleman. Died in Kansas in May, , of apoplexy, at the age of eighty-nine. Elisha first settler in Lawrence as before mentioned.

Joshua noticed elsewhere. Helen married Alexander McClaren.

Ancestors of Chesley DAVIS

Died two years ago in Illinois, at the age of seventy-two. Lived in this county thirty years, and was thirty-five when she left. Lucinda lives at Lathrop, Mo. She lived in this county forty years.

Polk County

Rachel married Moses McClaren, and lives in this county, one mile west of Castleton. She was fourteen years old when her parents came to this county, and has lived here ever since. Aged seventy-three. He went with his father on his various journeys till the last of November, , when he came to this township. He raised a small crop in , and in the fall of that year he went to Ohio and brought his parents and sisters to this new country.

He settled on the farm now known as the Elijah Fletcher farm, and one hundred and sixty acres of which was entered for him by his father in Reddick lived there about twenty-three years. He sold the farm in and went to Clinton County, Ill. Reddick and three of his grown children died within two weeks' time. His wife died of the same disease in the following April. Reddick married Elizabeth, daughter of Adam Eller. Reddick was a farmer, and in religious belief a Universalist. He took a great interest in all public improvements, and gave all his children a good education.

He had eight children, seven were born in this township and one in Illinois. Six of the children went to Clinton County, I Catharine, the youngest, married George Church, and lived here until her death in Three of the other children are dead. Samuel Morrow was born in Westmoreland County, Pa. Married Agnes Anderson. In or himself, wife, two sons, Adam Kerr, and his son, Samuel Kerr, took passage on a flat-boat, and landed at Cincinnati, Ohio, with a span of horses and two "tester" bedsteads. They went from there to near Brookville, Ind. Through the solicitation of John Johnson, his cousin, he came to this township in November, He entered eighty acres of land Aug.

It is known as a part of the Webb farm, and joined John Johnson on the west. Immediately after his arrival he cleared a spot of ground for his cabin, and erected it on the north side of Fall Creek. He brought into the township with him two horses, one yoke of oxen, and two milk-cows. Thirteen persons landed in the township with Mr. Morrow, and remained with him in his cabin during the following winter.

The cabin erected was eighteen feet by twenty feet, without floor. The roof was made of clapboards, and having no nails to nail the boards on, they were weighted down with poles, and thus kept in place. The room was divided in sleeping apartments by hanging quilts for partitions. As soon as Mr. Morrow had his cabin completed he began clearing his land. The Indians called frequently at his cabin, and camped quite a while on his farm. A great deal of sickness prevailed at the cabin of this new settler. His son, Jacob A.

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His physicians were Dr. Isaac Coe and Dr. Mears, of Indianapolis, the nearest doctors. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church, and his family used to ride horseback to Indianapolis, and attend church at the Presbyterian meeting-house on Pennsylvania Street, north of Market.

He was a moral, upright man, sociable, neighborly, and exceedingly popular.

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  • He was a farmer all his life, and did an immense amount of hard work. He experienced all the hardships and privations of pioneer life, and stood up bravely against them all. He was a voter at the first election in the township, and was elected supervisor. When he first came to the township he had to go to Conner's, near Noblesville, and get corn, and then take it to a mill on Fall Creek, near where the Crawfordsville road crosses the stream, to get it ground. It took two days to make the round trip horseback with a two-bushel grist — distance ten miles — from his cabin.

    That was the nearest mill at that time, and the nearest school-house was six miles. He lived in the township until about , when he went to Washington township, this county, and thence to Morgan County, Ind. He lost an arm while there, and then went to near Colfax, Jasper Co. His son John died in Iowa. The following are the names of the thirteen who came from Brookville, Ind.

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    Agnes Morrow, his wife. John Morrow, his son.

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    • Jacob A. Morrow, his son. Martha Ellis, his wife. Elizabeth Ellis, his daughter.

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      John Ellis, his son. Samuel Stewart Ellis, his son. Samuel Johnson Black. William M. Adam Kerr. Samuel Kerr, his son. Ellis, at Leavenworth, Kan. Black, at Indianapolis, Ind.