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Sigh, sigh, and sigh again. How can a punishment of probation a criminal punishment be assessed for the violation of a civil infraction to people that have completed their sentences? It is just absolutely mind boggling.


It is ever going to end? I can remember once when my son saw a judge for a reported violation all turned out well and it was dropped the judge was actually amused because she said she wanted to see how they were going to enforce a punishment for a civil violation — so even the judge and a harsh one at that knew that this system is flawed. I can assure you when I get off probation in July, I am going to South Carolina to see my family for at least a week. I will travel to Tallahassee to watch my Seminoles play football, I will go wherever the hell I feel like going, and the LAST thing I will do, is worry about that damn new law that Prick Scott just signed which was sponsored by Lauren Crook and her mob boss father.

You get what you give. Screw them, did my time, do what is asked of me even though no one can interpret the law??? The dumb asses in Seminole county only want to find reasons to arrest you. Go live you life. F them!! Forget about EFP. That has been violated since the beginning of this unconstitutional Law was passed. But guess what we are not human and have no rights……. So you are trying to tell us you are helping us but you edit freedom of speech, I would call that hypocritical???

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He is the one who sign for more strict laws for sex offender. Vote for Gillum he will be less strict. In fact seem like Rick Scott was the one who sign for life time registration for all sex offender. Ridiculous like we kill some body. They need to realize we are humans too. I can understand 10 yrs but Lifetime. You might as well give up in life like I have. All I did was drive off and try to get out of the prison gate neighbors when all swat team swarm me and told me to get out of the cars now like I was a terrorist. Shame on all those cop in Florida trying to set some one up. Bait and trap.

So illegal,but they get away it because the us government is a organize crime unit. They do what they want when they want to do it. Government suck and everyone should vote for Gillum for governor if we can live a fair life in Florida and be all equal. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. If you are a human, do not fill in this field. Email Address. Get reminded to register on your months via SMS text messages. This flyer can be printed and shared with others freely.

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SarahF on October 4, at pm. Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN Ret on October 4, at pm.

Alana on May 30, at pm. Anybody know anything on Lake county? Residency for SOs in Lake County?

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Concerned Citizen on May 29, at pm. Can a sexual predator visit a public school for any reason in Florida? Florida Action Committee on May 29, at pm. USN Ret on May 28, at am.

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Hi Alana, I searched Municode for Orange County and I find no specific residency restrictions, so you would follow the state law of 1, feet. Florida Action Committee on May 26, at am. Thanks for sharing that, JZ!

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    Thanks for the advise. And taking time to respond Reply. GH on May 30, at pm. Jacob on May 27, at am. Congratulations on his pending release! His life is going to be better. Florida Action Committee on May 27, at am.

    JZ on May 27, at pm. When considering whether to approve supervised contact with a child, the court must review and consider the following: 1. The qualified practitioner must prepare a written report that must include the findings of the assessment and address each of the following components: a. The results of current psychological testing of the sex offender if determined necessary by the qualified practitioner; j. A description of the proposed contact, including the location, frequency, duration, and supervisory arrangement; k. The written report of the assessment must be given to the court; 2.