Jobs without a background check

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Good Jobs for People With Criminal Records & How to Get Them

Trying to look for a home based work. Then i saw you on youtube. Thanks a lot.

What Employers Look for in Background and Credit Checks

I hope i can finally get some part time work. Gotta try them out.

When it comes to getting hired, your past might not necessarily impact your future.

I wish someone would explain to me the purpose of doing a background check on work at home employees. Credit check, really?

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Even the companies that make you be an ind. This makes no sense. They are using a set formula and not taking anything else into consideration, meanwhile i have experience and am the PeRFECT person for this job. A change needs to happen. Hiring felons is one of the reasons-they consider it a violation. There are companies that the government even gives a tax break to, so they will hire felons. To the woman who wrote this, thank you for making this list!

Thankyou for the worthy list. Payout is via direct deposit or Amazon gift cards. Rev — see Rev review This company hires remote transcribers to work from home, and they do not do a background check on potential workers.

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They pay weekly via Paypal. Once accepted, you will be given a level from 2 to 5. The pay varies by level, and pay is weekly. They now accept proofreaders and have their own forum.

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This is an employee job and not an independent contractor position. You would be calling newspaper customers as part of a customer retention program. Not the best reputation, but you can get up and running quickly with them.

Arrest Versus Conviction History

There aren't any difficult experience or educational requirements, but you'll have to answer some test questions during the application process to prove your skills. WriterAccess — see Writer Access review — This is a content mill where writers can write whenever they want and are accepted at different levels. Pay will vary based on your level of acceptance, but it is one of the better paying content mills. Like most jobs in this field, your hourly earning potential will depend largely on how fast you are. Scribie — see Scribie review — A transcription service with a very simple setup, and no base experience requirements.

Ideal for people interested in trying transcription out to see if it's a good fit for them. Apparently there's always a lot of work available, and you can set your own hours.

Background Checks

Tutlo — see Tutlo review — Another language tutoring service. You need at least six months of experience teaching English in some context or another, but there's no requirement for any particular certification, and no mention of a background check.

Wordgigs — see Wordgigs review — This freelance SEO content mill doesn't pay the highest rates per article, but their assignments tend to be very short, which means there's generally less research time. If you're a very fast writer you should probably still be able to make some money, and there are basically no requirements to join, so it's a good place for beginners to start establishing themselves. Fancy Hands — see Fancy Hands review — A virtual assistant company that pays on a per-task basis. Some people seem to make pretty good money with this, but it will depend on how fast you are, your areas of expertise, and which hours you choose to work.

The Chat Shop — see The Chat Shop review — With this company, you'll be providing customer service through a chat interface. Typically, Chat Shop agents are assigned to work for several different client companies at once, so you'll need to switch gears often throughout the day. First Quarter Finance — This financial blog hires remote writers and editors.

Obviously you'll need some knowledge on the subject matter to get a job here, and plenty of skill, but there's no mention of a background check. They have openings for several different kinds of assistants, and all the jobs seem quite different. There are exceptions of course — for example, transcription jobs may require checks if you're transcribing sensitive info — but this is what you'll usually find.

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Jobs for People With Criminal Records & How to Get Them

Leisa Good has worked in the corporate world as well as side hustled and operated a virtual assistant business. She wrote the eBook on that one! Thank you for posting.