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4 Times The Power Of The Internet Reunited Long-Lost Family Members In 2018

Over the last eight years Long Lost Family has reunited over relatives desperate to find that one person missing from their lives, to make their family complete. Now for the first time many of these families are brought together under one roof, to celebrate Christmas and the joy of finally being together, after the agony of years apart. Long Lost Family Christmas Reunion will find out what it means to spend your first Christmas with your loved ones and reflect on how lives have changed for people since finding their relatives, with some guests meeting new family members for the very first time during the programme.

The programme will also be remembering those who are still without their loved ones. The Missing People Choir sing carols throughout the day and share the heartbreak of facing the festive season, when there is an empty space at the Christmas dinner table. We lay a place for him and we just pray that he can come home and join us again.

Long Lost Family Special: Born Without Trace [25-02-2019]

Get Help I am missing. I am under 18 and have run away. Once my dad told me my current mom was my step mom, I have begun a search for her.

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I am 34 now, and about to retire from military service. My cousin is looking for his three children. He married a person who also had special needs. Does anyone know how to contact this show.

Finding Lost Family Members

My friend had her son kidnapped from her in Michigan when the child was 2 months old. I would really love to help her and I can give detailed information date of birth location full name etc. My father died when I was about 2 years old. My mother told me he had 3 other children. I should be the youngest. I need to know who my family is.

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Come to find out that he use to live in the same borough that I live in now. I have not seen my nephew since he was 3 years old and he is now 32 Please give us some consideration…. Home News Cancelled or Renewed? Some incredible stories include: Rita A mother who was forced to place her baby boy for adoption 31 years ago. Jenny Her birth mother was the daughter of a minister who was deeply embarrassed by a pregnancy out of wedlock. Diana and Jeannette Two women in search for the father who suddenly vanished from their lives when they were just 4 and 5 years old.

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Of course, not every case is the same, and there are those who, for various reasons, will not be reconciled. Using our service gives the person sought freedom to decide how to proceed, and gives both parties a confidential space to explore whether contact should be maintained.

Sometimes people prefer not to have direct contact in the first instance. If this is case, relatives may correspondence via our office for as long as is needed.