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This investigation will miss criminal cases prosecuted in the federal courts bank robbery, interstate drug crimes, insurance fraud, etc. This investigation is just as likely to miss a serious felony record e. Request Background Check. We have our own network of professional court researchers who we dispatch to courthouses throughout the U. In addition, we subscribe directly to many state databases, and we also utilize premium commercial databases for our background checks. We do not use vendors that offshore background checks or processing.

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The background checks generated by many of the large online firms are essentially untouched by human hands. We have the fastest ordering process, especially if you need to run a large number of background checks at once. Volume pricing, billing options, and batch processing are available. Please note, some background checks may require extra time. Easy to print and send. Download copies, a searchable online archive, and receipts for expense purposes are included free. Our background checks are FCRA compliant for employment screening and tenant screening.

For employment screening, we mail the initial consumer notification letter at no additional cost to you. Please note this is not a substitute for your pre-adverse notification requirements. For more information see frequently asked questions about our background checks or consult with your legal counsel. We are a proud member of the Professional Background Screening Association. Background Check Resources For more detailed information on our criminal background checks, please visit our background check resource center. Start your search now. This individual has no legal middle name.

Best Background Check Services

Don't know the middle name? Use our social security trace first. Social security number. However, you need to remember to cancel your subscription when you are done using it. Read the full review. We purchased reports for three people and looked through them for inaccuracies and omissions. In fact, many companies require you to sign up for a monthly subscription to view background reports.

How to do a free online background check

You can download PDFs of the reports you run without paying an additional fee. This is especially useful when searching for people with common names. Read our full review. Instant Checkmate had the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date reports we saw. Each one included emails, phone numbers and addresses as well as information about criminal history, assets and marriages. This is a great value because for the cost of one report elsewhere, you can view as many as you want at Instant Checkmate. It was especially accurate on phone numbers and emails, listing some that other services omitted.

We had no trouble finding any of our subjects. It can also be helpful if you need to reconstruct your own work history as you write your resume. BeenVerified reports have accurate information, though is some cases you may have to purchase add-ons — for example, if you want information about property or other legal matters.

You need to pay for a subscription to get background checks. PeopleFinders is our choice for the best subscription service because it combines accurate background check results with a low monthly price. There are some advantages to paying for a background check subscription, especially if you plan to run many reports over a long period. For that you need to contact a consumer reporting agency.

The information is accurate and well organized. For this latest update, we spent 40 hours searching for people and comparing background check reports. We purchased reports for this update so we could verify the information they contain was accurate and current.

Tenant Screening

This can be useful if you want to vet potential business partners or dates or want to see what information about yourself is out there. To gauge accuracy, we purchased reports for three people. We chose to look at multiple reports because much of the information comes from public records, and it can vary depending on the state your subject lives in. For each report, we had the subject verify that the information about their addresses, phone numbers, emails and relatives was correct.

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We saw that there was more variation with phone numbers and emails, especially cell numbers. We also considered how current the reports were. We saw a wide range in the results. Most services we reviewed let you purchase single reports. However, signing up for a subscription can save you money because you get many reports for one monthly cost. Many sites, such as DMV. Even SearchQuarry. What purpose is the background information going to serve? This can help keep you from wasting time looking for divorce decrees when you really just want to know if the person is a felon.

Most background checks involve looking at court records. These include criminal convictions, bankruptcies, divorces, marriages and more. And most of the information is public, which you can request for free. However, this usually requires setting up an account with the government website, filling out a specific records request form and waiting for a response, which can take days or weeks.

How To Get A Cheap Background Check

Some courts also require you to submit records requests in person. If an individual has pleaded guilty or been found guilty of a sexual crime, they are required to register as a sex offender. This database is maintained by the U.

How to Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself

Since LinkedIn is primarily for professional networking and development, you can use the information people include on their profiles to do free background checks of their professional and academic history. In fact, according to a HireRight report, 85 percent of job applicants lie on their resumes. For example, if you check on someone you met on a dating app, you can confirm where they went to school and where they work before committing to meet them. Finding people for free on LinkedIn requires you create your own profile, and it works best if you fill out your profile completely.

But you can also search for a specific person in the search bar, using the filter tool to narrow the results to as few people as possible. Background checks that include criminal and employment information typically take between days, but can take as long as a week. However very basic reports, such as ones containing address and emails can often take just seconds if you use an online background check company. If it's very important that the background check be completely accurate, you may want to consider hiring a private investigator. However, most of the time, such background investigations are reserved for high-level pre-employment investigations, executive-level background checks and board-of-director confirmations, according to the Diligentia Group , a New York-based private investigation firm.

Here are the three levels of private background investigations, along with the associated costs:. In addition to including red flags, this level of investigation looks into professional history, business interests and financial status, as well as any history of civil litigation and regulations. This level of background investigation is as comprehensive as you want it to be. In addition to including red flags and professional background checks, it looks at points of interest such as media appearances, habits, assets, credit history with consent , interviews with associates, political contribution history and connections.

All the information included in the background reports bought and sold by these services is public information. You could, if you had the time and patience, find the information on your own. Once the services have the public information, they collate it into a report for easy reading. The background check services we reviewed are different from those used to make rental, lending or hiring decisions. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, explained in further detail below, actually makes it illegal to use reports from the background check services we reviewed for any decisions related to potential employees, renters or borrowers.

In fact, it would be illegal to use these background check reports to decide on which babysitter to hire. What people typically think of as background checks are performed by specialty consumer reporting agencies. Much like your credit report, federal law entitles you to access this information once a year. Looking at the report gives you the chance to spot errors and dispute them.

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  5. In these instances, some services use a court runner service, which sends a person to the courthouse to physically pull the public files. This person is called a court runner, and he or she is trained on how to dig through files and retrieve information.