Caddo parish property tax records

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Property Taxes

Allowing comprehensive audits of the entire tax roll in a fraction of the time and with a substantial increase in ROI. Artificial Intelligence leverages cloud-based networks of powerful computer systems to solve specific problems within very large sets of data. AI works by the rapid review and analysis of mass quantities of data and recognizing patterns based on a specifically trained model, such as identifying duplicate or erroneous Homestead Exemptions.

It allows people to accomplish more in less time by eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks.

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Artificial Intelligence relies on Machine Learning to understand past mistakes and improve with each successive iteration. Machine Learning is the process of teaching a network of AI computers to learn how to do specific tasks and, through repetitive teaching, improve on its ability to do the task as more training data is fed into the system. By using deep learning techniques and complex mathematical structures, called neural networks, it continually improves and become incrementally more and more efficient and accurate at completing the given tasks.

Powered by A. June 30, — Times Picayune Read More. The great thing is that your system was able to keep track of each account throughout the entire process and was easy for my staff to check into the status at any given time. Caddo Parish has pulled in over a million dollars in taxes in just three months this year.

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Shameka Dollzetta Ellis, 21, of Shreveport, is charged with second-degree murder in connection Oct 15, Press Release. Get set to smile! The DA's office is active in the community: check out what we've been up to see more.

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Caddo DA Stewart declares support to change unanimous jury law read more. Stewart, Sr. Shreveport teen convicted of sex crime Oct 25, Press Release A Shreveport teen accused of rape against a male family member was convicted of sexual battery in a bench trial in Caddo District Court Wednesday, October 23,