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Most valuable vinyl records UK 2017 – do you have one worth £3,000 in your collection?

But sales are booming - last year 4. In November Sainsbury's launched its own record label, having sold more than , vinyls since it started stocking them back in The resurgence has seen values for rare, classic LPs rise even further according to vinyl expert Phil Barton of Love Antiques, with some changing hands for thousands of pounds online and through dedicated collectors. So if you've got an old LP hiding in a cupboard or in your attic, how much could it be worth?

The Sun Online had a look on eBay to see what was top of the charts when it comes to selling classic albums. Rare, early pressings of timeless bands are the most sought-after so it's no surprise The Beatles are always in demand. Most classic rock fans will have a copy of Led Zep's first self-titled record - but very few will have this version which features a picture of the Hindenburg air disaster disaster and turquoise-coloured lettering.

This version was only on sale a matter of weeks before it was pulled from shelves, making it really desirable for fans and collectors - and why its commands such a high price. It's now been two years since the starman's death but Bowie's enduring appeal to music fans is still as strong as ever. Buying and selling vinyl is big business for both individuals and collectors.

Here's Love Antiques vinyl expert, Phil Barton's tips on what you need to look out for.

Some records have different artwork, prints and posters. If you're buying check whether the album has a lyric sheet or a poster as anything missing will devalue the record. The holy grail is a copy numbered as they were probably owned by them , or someone close to them! Some of the rarest beasts in the vinyl jungle are progressive rock bands from the late s and early 70s, from King Crimson to these obscure boys from Northampton. Dark self-pressed a limited edition of this LP as a headstone to mark their demise, with only 62 copies made.

This is the rarest version that comes in a coloured gatefold sleeve, with a booklet made of photos with hand-written notes. One of the most sought-after singles in the world is this withdrawn classic by the Sex Pistols; it was pressed hastily and quickly recalled with most copies being destroyed.

There are probably only around 50 copies left. Most punk collectors would love to own one of these, but finding a copy is as hard as raising the cash. There are a number of rare LPs recorded by David Bowie before he found success in the 70s. It's near impossible to find, meaning Bowie collectors will pay through the nose for one. There are only copies of this withdrawn CD video in circulation, hence its value to U2 completists.

10. Ragnar Kjartansson / The National

There were only 80 copies of Summer Holiday and Wonderful Life limited edition double albums, which include songs and dialogue. The American rather than the UK Cadets. This price is for the version with gold lettering on the label. Three singles were issued on Lamp Stateside in although only this one was allowed out of captivity in the UK. Plans to release this single as a double A-side in were shelved.

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No copies come with a picture sleeve. Only proofs exist of this unreleased picture sleeve. A more standard band portrait was used on the eventual release.

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Collectors will row for miles, or travel by Swedish steampacket, to land this mega-rare freakbeat single. Another Stones release that did not roll off the assembly line, with only these test pressings in circulation. This price is for the semi-official purple vinyl factory pressing, that still gives Bowie collectors The Hunger. One of the rarest Apple singles from this maverick stuntman and singer-songwriter, mainly due to the fact that it was unissued.

Despite T-Mobile campaign and a CD reissue, this brilliant lysergic folk album remains sought-after by collectors. They must have known it would become a collectors item when they named a track Message From The Year ! Only 99 copies were pressed. This vocal group met in the Marines and recorded this classic track, released originally on the Aladdin label in the US. This rare psych-pop gem is by the Liverpool band who supported the Beatles on their last ever UK tour. Named after a Ma Rainey song, this heavy blues band featured great fretwork from Ian Campbell.

Both albums were private pressings released in small quantities. Irish group who recorded this folk rock album, which no-one bought upon release, though it is now a cult album. This rocker opens with a hyena laugh. Promo pack with one-track Beautiful Day CD promo single, booklet, window sticker, video tape and album playback invite, all in a laminated picture bag with rope handles.

Los Angeles group who recorded a host of singles on US labels but who only released this one in the UK. The Brooks Brothers formed Leaf after leaving Black Cat Bones and this heavy blues-rock album retains a devoted following. Named after a German town, this British prog band released one privately pressed album. A premium is paid for this Irish pressing that includes the A premium is paid for this Irish pressing that includes the postcard designed by Bono. A privately-pressed, guitar-heavy progressive power trio album with extended tracks and a cult following.

When the label hit a financial rock this album was withdrawn from release, with only a small number of finished copies in circulation. Joe Meek fans will probably pay more for test pressings of this unreleased album on his Triumph label. Progressive art rock with a hint of folk and only around copies!

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