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The majority of early burn wounds can be treated with topical, antimicrobial agents because the risk of early burn wound infection is low. The goal is to prevent early colonization. The anatomy of a child places them at greater risk for airway obstruction following a thermal injury. Practitioners or caregivers should be aware of these anatomical differences and the potential risk for airway compromise. Soot about the nose and mouth, carbonaceous sputum, and facial involvement following a thermal injury should alert the physician or caregivers to potential future airway issues.

The decision to intubate is based on good clinical judgement with the goal of securing an airway being an elective event versus emergent one. More than any single trait, it is the Burn Center's emphasis on research and technology that sets us apart. In addition to providing patients with the most advanced burn care solutions available, our focus keeps us at the top of research and development company lists when new product sites are being selected.

The size of our patient population alone makes us a desirable location to conduct drug trials. For the past few years, our burn team has been among the largest group of presenters at both regional and national professional meetings. More importantly, the knowledge we glean today improves the quality of treatment and care we deliver tomorrow. The Joseph M. Still Research Foundation, Inc. Still Burn Center created with the following purposes:. For more information about research studies at the Joseph M.

Still Research Foundation, contact through the information listed below. The BRCA Foundation is a c 3 organization dedicated to improving patient care, supporting patients and families after they have been discharged from one of our centers, and facilitating education about burn, wound and hand care throughout various medical communities. Mission Statement The healing and helping of patients goes far beyond the walls of our burn centers.

The BRCA Foundation is committed to helping patients and their families, while continuously working to improve care throughout the world. Burn Symposium Established in , the Joseph M. Still Burn Symposium is an annual gathering of medical professionals dedicated to the constant improvement of burn care in America. With sessions presented by leading experts and the availability of educational credits, the Symposium provides your company with a specific, targeted audience.

Learn More. For Burn Care - Call Our Referral Process. Burn Transfer Form. Breast Reconstruction. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Laser Scar Revision. Outpatient Clinic. Reconstructive Surgery. DO NOT Do not apply butter, grease, honey or powder Do not use cotton balls or wool to clean a burn Do not apply ice directly to the burn DO Cover the burn with a dry, sterile cloth Use ibuprofen for pain management.

Is It Cosmetic Surgery? In most cases, breast restoration is treatment of a disease and considered a reconstructive surgery, not a cosmetic procedure.

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Our team will work with you to identify the appropriate time for your procedure, accounting for your medical condition, procedural approaches, anatomy and personal desire. Our goal is to create a personalized plan with you to achieve your goals with optimal outcomes in a safe manner. Patients who have begun chemotherapy or radiation will need to wait until they have completed that treatment. They are placed beneath the chest muscle. This differs from breast augmentation where implants are placed on top of the chest muscle.

The tissue is then transplanted to the chest, where surgeons can reconnect blood vessels. If breast reconstruction is not delayed, a reconstructed breast may lose its appearance, change in shape or texture, become painful and could potentially put a person at-risk.

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No longer considered to be a condition of simple tissue freezing, cold injuries are now recognized to be a more complex ailment associated with local tissue injury and vascular occlusion. Today, treatments are designed to rewarm the affected tissues rapidly, while improving blood flow to the injured area with thrombolytics. Tissue plasminogen activator, commonly known as tPA and given to stroke victims, is a proven, effective treatment for frostbite injuries resulting in significantly lower amputation rates.

Patients presenting with frostbite should be viewed as a vascular emergency and immediately be referred to a burn specialist who is trained in the use of tPA. Rapid diagnosis and treatment of cold injuries can significantly reduce the morbidity associated with this injury. Patients using HBO Therapy will go through three phases of care: Compression During this phase, the patient experiences increased pressure in their ears.

Treatment HBO Therapy feels warm during the compression phase due to pressurization. Decompression The decompression phase begins at the end of treatment. The disease process affects all epithelial tissues of the body and is associated with a significant inflammatory response. The combination of epithelial loss and severe inflammation leaves the patient susceptible to infections and multi-organ system failure. The care and treatment for these individuals is similar to those with a thermal injury.

It is for this reason why the medical community favors treatment of these individuals at a multi-disciplinary burn center to limit morbidity and mortality. Necrotizing fasciitis NF is a bacterial infection of the skin, commonly occurring when bacteria pass into the body through an open cut, scrape, burn wound or other puncture wound.

Patients with NF may complain of swelling and muscle soreness at the site of the infectious process. The skin is generally warm to the touch and red or purple in color. As the disease progresses, it may be accompanied by blisters, ulcers or blackening of the skin. NF is a medical emergency and should be treated in an urgent manner as the bacteria quickly spreads through connective tissue, and can lead to amputations or death within a narrow window of time.

Aggressive surgical debridement, coupled with systemic antimicrobials and hyperbaric oxygen, is often required to prevent the infection from continuing to spread and potentially result in significant morbidity and mortality. If treated properly, patients can avoid amputation, which affects about 1 in 5 patients who develop an ulcer.

Patients who develop ulcers should seek immediate attention from a specialist. Cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection that can spread rapidly if not treated immediately. Cellulitis can result in necrotizing fasciitis or sepsis, potentially life threatening conditions. Patients often present with painful, swollen areas of red skin that are warm to the touch. Untreated or mistreated cellulitis can extend through the soft tissues into the lymph nodes and bloodstream, resulting in life threating conditions.

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Cellulitis should be treated aggressively with antimicrobials while excluding the diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis and sepsis. Significant cellulitis can result in morbidity and mortality and thus should be treated by infectious experts at a medical facility or burn center. Piotr Skowronski, M. Still - Our Founder Joseph M. After hours and on the weekends, please call Captial Regional Medical Center. Parking: Free valet parking is available. South Georgia Medical Center.

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View the emergency burn care decision tree. Use airway and C-Spine precautions. Stop the burning process. First Aid for the three major categories. Remove all clothing, diapers, jewelry, metal and restrictive garments. Monitor pulses in circumferentially-burned extremities. Keep patient warm to avoid hypothermia.

Monitor for cardiac arrhythmias. Start CPR, if needed. Document pulses of affected extremities. Brush powder off before flushing with water. If inhalation injury is suspected, consider intubation. Burns sustained in an enclosed space are more likely to result in inhalation injury.

Burns to the face, lips, nares, singed eyebrows, singed nasal hairs. Carbon or soot on teeth, tongue, or oral pharynx. Raspy, hoarse voice or cough.

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  6. Stridor or inability to clear secretions may indicate impending airway occlusion. Mental status changes.

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    Obtain the following patient information: How was the patient burned? Enclosed space? Any deaths at scene? When did it happen? Are there concomitant injuries? Rule out associated trauma. Last Tetanus? Last meal? Chemical burns — What was the agent? Obtain Material Safety Data Sheets.