Taxpayer identification number for llc

How Businesses Use Tax ID Numbers

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Do I Need a Tax ID Number for My Business?

The IRS uses this number to easily identify your company on federal filings. Corporations are required to obtain a FEIN for their federal corporate income tax filings. Most other businesses will need a FEIN as well for other filings.

Limited Liability Company. Estate of Deceased Individual. Church Controlled Organization.

Why is an EIN important?

Frequently Asked Questions. Should I complete a Tax ID application? Are you establishing a Partnership or a Corporation? Are you paying income taxes or other wages to a non-resident alien? Does your business entity have a Keogh plan?

Note: A Keogh plan is a tax-deferred pension plan available to self-employed individuals or unincorporated businesses for retirement purposes. A Keogh plan can be set up as either a defined-benefit or defined-contribution plan, although most plans are defined as contributions. Most EINs are processed same or next business day, unless bundled with state formations, processing times will vary.

Responsible Party - The Individual who will act as or will be designated as the responsible party for the business or entity. This individual will be responsible for direction, controlling and managing the entities funds and assets.

What Are Tax ID and Corporate Numbers?

Business Address - The physical business address of the business or entity must be disclosed. This address must be a physical address and not a PO Box. If you cannot recieve mail at your physical address, be sure to choose "Yes" to the option "Would you like to receive mail at a different address".

This will prompt an additional mailing address field to be available where you may enter this mailing address separately.